HTC One X review

This is the first official press photo of HTC’s newest flagship Android device, the One X. The One X is expected to make its global debut this Sunday and it appears that the styling of the device has undergone some tweaks since we first saw it a little over a week ago. The most obvious of these design tweaks is the removal of the “search” navigation button to reflect the Android 4.0 standard.

Information on specs is still sketchy at the moment but the persistent among these rumours say that the new HTC will feature a 4.7-inch 720p Super LCD screen, a 8MP rear camera with a backlit sensor and NFC along with Sense 4.0.

Frankly speaking we’re kind of disappointed with HTC’s design language. It looks like they have moved very little from the Desire in terms of design. All HTCs look the same in our view, even this new one, it just looks like a bigger HTC Sensation.


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