It looks like LG has more to announce, hot on the heels of the Optimus Cube 3D which was announced just yesterday, LG is now showing off another 3D smartphone – the Optimus 3D Max. The Optimus 3D Max is almost the same as the Cube, sporting the same 1.2GHz dual-core processor, two 5MP cameras at the back, NFC connectivity and will ship with Android Gingerbread on board which will be upgradable to ICS in the near future.

The difference between these two 3D smartphones will lie in the display. Unlike the Cube which will be blessed with LG’s NOVA display, Max will only have a conventional WVGA LCD. The internal storage is also lesser for the Max at only 8GB vs. 16GB. Max will also be blessed with a better camera that comes with a range finder as well as selective focus shooting.

Software wise, the Optimus 3D Max will feature a HD converter which converts games and even apps to HD resolution when connected to a HDTV via MHL; there’ll also be a 3D converter which will help to convert 2D apps like Google Earth and Google Maps to 3D.


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