MWC is just around the corner but if you don’t wish to wait for the announcement of the latest and upcoming mobile devices, from Huawei at least, then get the Huawei S7 Slim or Huawei S7 from U Mobile today. The telco has just introduced a bundle for these two new devices from as low as RM1,188 for an entire 12 months; that’s as low as RM99/month if you opt for installment payment.

Get the Huawei Ideos S7 Slim Bundle at RM1,650 or the Huawei Ideos S7 Bundle at RM1,188, and your bundle will come with 1 tablet plus a Prepaid Broadband SIM from U Mobile which comes with 12 months access of MB68 with 5GB monthly broadband quota.

MB68 is available for RM68/month so this means you’ll only be paying RM834 for the S7 Slim or RM372 for the S7.


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