Chinese manufacturer Huawei is mostly known for their low-end smartphones in the U.S., but the company has been revealing some pretty impressive high-end devices at recent trade shows. At CES they showed off the Ascend P1 S, which was billed as the thinnest smartphone at 6.68 mm thick and also one of the first new phones to ship with Android 4.0.

Our very own Nick was so impressed with the Ascend P1 LTE that he said it was one of his favorite Android phones of CES.

Now new information has leaked out about Huawei’s upcoming Diamond series, which is said to offer the “smartest, fastest and most high-performing smartphones.” Japanese site Blog of Mobile is reporting that Huawei will unveil two devices at Mobile World Congress this month, called the Ascend D1 Q and MediaPad 10.

A lot of this is speculation, but some taking the name Ascend D1 Q and interpreting “D1″ as Diamond series and “Q” as quad-core. Huawei has partnered with NVIDIA and used their Tegra 2 processor in previous tablets, so it’s not that surprising to hear that they could also be using the quad-core Tegra 3 in some new devices.

We have already billed Mobile World Congress 2012 as the quad-core phone show, where we expect at least a half-dozen devices to be unveiled. It will be tough to stand out from the crowd of quad-core devices, but Huawei sounds pretty confident about their Diamond series.

Mobile World Congress is only two weeks away and I will be on site to report on the hottest devices, so check back soon to see if Huawei can live up to the pre-show hype.


  1. Anonymous said...

    i'm having interest in this huawei product since samsung already too much around nowdays, but jst wanna justify my perception, which one better for me to buy? huawei or samsung, let's say i hv to choose between huawei p1s and samsung s2, please share me your opinion :)  

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