Sony Mobile Communications is going to make some major changes, now that Ericsson is no longer part of the equation. But it seems like the Japanese manufacturer is not going to stop making mini devices anytime soon. Mobile World Congress is just around the corner, and we have a flurry of leaked images displaying the Sony Xperia U standing right next to its big brother, the Sony Xperia S.

This device seems to be Sony’s new iteration to the Xperia Mini family, but with a form factor and design similar to the Xperia S. And if you were worrying about lower specs, this bad boy won’t be too bad. At least according to the latest rumors.

The Xperia U is said to feature a 1 GHz dual-core processor, 3.5-inch display (854x480p), and a 5 MP rear-facing camera. Most of these are still rumors, though. And it seems like it is running the same version and UI overlay as the Xperia S, which should be getting Android 4.0 later on (currently running Android 2.3).

If you are a fan of the fun size smartphones, this might just be the one to take a look at. So check out the images below, and let’s stay tuned for official details at MWC. How many of you would go for one of these little guys?


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