If last week we have shown you a set of leaked presentation slides of the new Proton P3-21A a.k.a the Proton Persona R (which have since been taken down due to source’s request), things are a little bit spicier this week. Apparently, someone has unexpectedly stumbled upon the new car in its complete production form which was said to be in the middle of filming - presumably for commercial - last weekend.

Even though the view is partially blocked by one of the crew member, one can see that it is very identical to this leaked image as well as those slides that we posted last week. The photo was apparently taken with an iPad; which is why the image looked a little bit grainy but the details are still very clear for everyone to see.

While having so many leaked image online might take some thunder away from the actual launch in the middle of this year (according to Tun Dr. Mahathir who tested the car recently) but at the very least, it has generated some buzz for the new car. In general, responses from consumers are quite positive although many of them are still being cautious since Proton have collected quite substantial amount of quality and service complaints for many of its products throughout Proton’s decades of existence.

Well, the only thing we all can do now is to wait for the actual car to be on the road before we can judge it further.


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