Waiting for DiGi to announce its Galaxy Tab 7.7 plans? Well, wait no more as it is now available on the telco’s official website. It takes a bit of digging around to find it – embedded in the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus link under Phones & Devices, click on the list under “Select Device/Item” and voila! The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is right there going off from as low as RM1,549. Alternatively, the direct link is right here but we thought you would like to do it manually instead; just select the Galaxy Tab 7.7 from the drop down menu.

As usual, you will be able to select either DG Smart Plan 68 or Smart Plan 48 with a contract duration of either 12- or 24-months. The pricing are as follows:

24 Months DG Smart Plan 68 – RM1549 (Total Initial Payment RM2117)

12 Months DG Smart Plan 68 – RM1799 (Total Initial Payment RM2167)

24 Months DG Smart Plan 48 – RM1749 (Total initial Payment RM2047)

12 Months DG Smart Plan 48 – RM1899 (Total Initial Payment RM1997)


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