For all you hardcore gamers who refuse to sacrifice performance but demand quasi-portability, prepare your eyes for the EON17-X from Origin PC. The laptop is based on Intel's X79 platform and delivers a significant bump from the original EON17. Insane customization options include the Core i7-3960X Extreme CPU and two overclocked 2GB GeForce GTX 580M GPUs in an SLI bridge -- just for note, this particular configuration requires two 300 watt power adapters. It'll also accommodate up to four hard drives and 32GB of memory. If that's not enough to impress, the beastly creation also features a backlit keyboard with two lighting zones and seven customizable colors, along with a 17.3-inch 1080p display. Of course, all this power doesn't come without sacrifice. The EON17-X starts at $2,818, weighs over 12 pounds and measures over two inches thick. Those undeterred can place an order for Origin PC's latest gaming rig today. You'll find a few more tidbits in the PR after the break.


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