After attending the regional launch in Shanghai last month, we're excited to finally have to opportunity to have one of these sexy Sony Xperia S' in our hands. As you know the Xperia S is Sony's first smartphone without Ericsson in tow and also the first in the line of NXT phones.

At first glance, the model we have is still on Gingerbread as the upgrade will only be in Q2 2012 and surprisingly one feature that i was looking forward to, never made it to the retail device. Instead of using the transparent belt as a notification LED, it looks like Sony has opted for a small LED in the corner of the screen, which is nigh unnoticeable.

Aside from that, we are looking forward to putting the phone through its paces and look forward to writing a full review which you can look forward to next week!

Also on the Xperia front, not long more to go to MWC and their supposed new handset. Anyone want to hazard a guess to what the next in the NXT line will be?



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