While some might have been lucky enough to be able to check out Street Fighter x Tekken in various preview sessions last year but don’t be jelous of them as the real thing is about to drop in Malaysia very soon. Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong has recently revealed that the PlayStation 3 version of the Street Fighter x Tekken will be officially available here in Malaysia starting from Tuesday, 6th March onwards.

As usual per many PlayStation 3 games before it, the first title from the much anticipated Street Fighter - Tekken universe crossover will be available in several editions. First of them is the RM 219 Special Edition bundle which consisted of a Special Complete Pack voucher card, the game’s soundtrack and a pair of SFxTK Bubble Budds featuring Street Fighter’s producer Yoshinori Ono as well as Tekken’s producer Katsuhiro Harada.

Apart from that, SCEH has also revealed that two special bundles featuring a gamepad and an arcade stick - both made by Mad Catz - will also be available in Malaysia. The SFxTK Arcade FightPad SD bundle will be priced at RM 289 while the SFxTK Arcade FightStick Pro bundle will go for RM 699 and at the same time, each bundle will also be accompanied by an Asia Original Pack voucher card and a Launch Attack Pack voucher card respectively.

Not to forget, each of the mentioned bundles above will also come with one SFxTK Character Command Card and obviously, the game itself. Nevertheless, if you just want the game alone, it will also be available for RM 159.

SFxTK Buddle Budds: Street Fighter’s producer Yoshinori Ono (L) and Tekken’s producer Katsuhiro Harada (R).

SFxTK Character Command Card.


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