It’s not everyday you’re able to find high-quality Android branded cases on the cheap but tonight may be your lucky night. Cruzer Lite’s “Androidified” soft gel cases are finally in stock (I had it marked on my calendar) and available via

These guys feature everybody’s favorite Bug Droid (I call him Andy) branded along the back of a thermoplastic polyurethane casing that feels like a firmer, more flexible type of plastic. I prefer TPU cases over plastic (which can scratch) and silicone (which doesn’t slide into my pocket easily) and I’ve found them to be cut thinner but provide equal or better protecting than the previously mentioned materials.

They come in just about every color and shade under the sun like smoke, clear, red, blue, teal, purple and white (the flat yellow is my personal fave). At only around $10, these fly off Amazon’s virtual shelves so you guys had better hurry if you’re looking to pick one/some up. Cruzer Lite even offers a buy-2-get-1-free deal by entering BUY2GONE code during checkout. Link to Cruzer Lite’s Amazon store.


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