One of the more popular looks that people love to see on a photo is the classic shallow depth of field shot or in some cases "Bokeh shot". Traditionally to achieve a pronounced shallow depth of field shot, you'll generally need a quick lens, a decent focal length and for the subject in focus to be quite close to the camera. Of course, there are exceptions to this but the easiest way to get this shot, is to have a faster lens.

What happens if you want to add this effect to an existing photo you may have sitting in your archives? Usually it would involve lots of effort masking, layering and fooling around differing levels of blur. With the upcoming Adobe Photoshop CS6, all that tomfoolery is condensed into a simple tool called Iris Blur. With Iris blur, you can easily create a natural looking shallow depth of field in most any picture you want.

Brace yourself for the influx of "Bokehlicious" shots…


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