Along with the announcement of the new iPad, Apple also announced the new versions of their lifestyle and productivity suites for iOS which take advantage of the bumped features and specs of the slate. On top of that, Apple also announced the arrival of a Mac OS staple, iPhoto, on the iPad.

While the other upgrades were kind of forgettable, the new iMovie looks very promising as it now allows you to do things like outlining and storyboarding first, and then record your video at 1080p. You can then edit your movie like before to come up with a video that can be rendered and played back on the same device. Talk about pushing the A5X to the limit! While it's no Final Cut, or even iMovie on the computer, safe to say, we'll see a whole load more template "home movie trailers" on the net in days to come.

The use of iPhoto as an editing tool and organizational method will be familiar to most Mac users, but will it be as useful on an iPad? Personally, I say, give it a chance. Not only is there a fully fledged browser, you can even perform multi touch editing as well as exporting and even do photo journals all from your iPad. While some may say there exist better editing programs out there, iPhoto may just be the one for you mainly because of how familiar it should be to Mac users. Couple it with Photoshop Touch and you may actually have a winner on your hands!

iPhoto and iMovie are both available for iOS now at an RRP of US$4.99


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