While we were told at CES’12 that they still don’t have any concrete plans to announce beyond the concept stage, it seems that Sony’s VAIO Hybrid Concept has been turned into a real product called VAIO U according to this leaked promotional material. The VAIO U name is nothing new to the Japanese electronics giant though as it has been used for a series of Ultra Mobile PC few years ago.
Obviously, there are quite a number of differences between the said VAIO U and the prototype device that was shown at CES’12. The actual unit seems to be a thicker than the CES prototype and the stylus holder on the front of the prototype’s keyboard is also missing. We have to admit that we didn’t really expect that Sony VAIO Hybrid Concept would be turned into a proper product this fast but then again, the prototype was already known in existence through the presentation slide during the unveiling of Sony Tablet S and P last year.

Provided that the promo material is authentic, the new Sony VAIO U should be an interesting product to see in the market especially with the upcoming release of Windows 8 – that if Sony decided to equipped the hybrid with the operating system. However, we are going to play the waiting game for the time being since other confirmed specifications and release information are still yet to be revealed.

Meanwhile, do check our encounter with the Sony VAIO Hybrid Concept during our time at CES’12 through the Read More link below.



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