Right on cue, DiGi has started taking pre-orders for the Sony Xperia S. There’s nothing out of the ordinary with regards to the plans on offer. You get the standard selection of three DiGi Smart Plans and two contract period with the device going for as low as RM1,149. Subscribers will start receiving their pre-ordered Xperia S on Friday, March 16 which also is a clear indication that the device will be available in stores by then.

Speaking of the device, DiGi’s pre-order has also revealed the recommended retail pricing for the Sony Xperia S. The device sells for RM1,899, which is pretty good value considering the Xperia S is one of the latest dual-core Android devices in the market with NFC support and a decent 12MP Exmor R-equipped camera. Disappointingly there’s no mention of Sony’s NFC SmartTags included with the device. We’re still hoping that Sony will offer the accessory for outright purchases from its stores.

The Xperia S was only unveiled on January 10 and in just two months the device is already on sales here. Kudos to Sony for making this happen, we’re pretty sure that’s a lot of Sony fans out there are happy for this.

Full details on DiGi’s Xperia S offerings here.


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