Sony Xperia S User Manual Download

The Sony Xperia S will be launched to the Malaysian media on Thursday, March 15 and chances are it will be available in stores on Friday, March 16. While there are a number of you who are very curious about the Xperia S, there will be others who have already made up their minds on geting one, either way reading the manual of the Xperia S would give you some very valuable information as to what you can expect from Sony’s top-of-the-line Android smartphone.

And if you’re one of those people who like pouring through a user manual, then you’re in luck because Sony has just released the user manual for the Xperia S in a multitude of languages online — you can download the PDFs here.

Happy reading and do let us know if you find anything interesting. We found out that the Xperia S supports USB On-the-Go (USB OTG) but the bad news is not all cables work. You will need an unusual type of cable to access USB OTG and the one we had – which came from bundled with the Nokia N8 – didn’t work. So if you want to access this feature, make sure you test the cable with your future Xperia S before buying it.


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