While Microsoft might have yet to reveal the actual launch date for its spanking new operating system – the Windows 8 – but Bloomberg has reported that Windows 8 might be available for consumers starting this October. Citing information from insider sources, Bloomberg report further revealed that the launch will see more than 40 Intel-based machines to feature the new operating system but only less than five ARM devices will be available at the same time.

The source also stated that Microsoft has set a strict set of rules and standard for Windows 8 ARM-based devices which pretty much explained the reason behind the puny number of ARM-based machines that are going to be available at Windows 8 debut. In addition to that, Microsoft will reveal more information on the timing and business strategy of Windows 8 with its industry partners next month.

Of course, Microsoft has declined to spill out the beans for the time being but the move is indeed plausible since October is a very lucrative period for businesses everywhere as consumers are hunting items on their Christmas shopping list. It is going to be interesting to see how Microsoft is going to play its card especially for ARM-based devices as these devices will definitely go head-to-head against the 2012 Apple iPad in order to grab consumers’ attention (and money) during that period.



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