There’s something I must do every day when I log onto the computer – besides opening my work-related stuffs of course, that is to visit daily deal sites to see if I can get any nice deals to print out my pictures. Now I have to admit, I suck at taking photos so I resort to iPhone and iPad apps to help me edit my pictures and slap a whole bunch of stickers to hide all the flaws. Of course, you can always upload them to your PC, do all the fancy editing to make the picture perfect before sending them to print, but I like to do things on-the-go especially when I’m stuck in the train when traveling for work.

This week’s app feature will focus on my top apps that helps me with photo editing, sharing as well as transferring so hit the break to read on.

Fotolr PS – This is my favorite app when it comes to photo editing, for now at least. It packs many different tools and the best thing of all – it’s free. Before moving on to apps to give your picture some cuteness, this is an essential app to do some quick edits to yourself or the image. Fotolr PS allows you to perform quick edits like rotate your image (90-, 180-, 270- and 360-degrees only so you can’t straighten out images here), crop, and adjust brightness and contrast.

Additionally, for girls (and maybe guys out there), you can even do some of society’s favorite tweak – Liquify your fats away and give yourself bigger eyes; you can also add false lashes, eye shadow, remove blemishes, apply lipstick, whiten your skin, dye your hair and so many more.

Fotolr PS also comes with frames and scenes if you would like to finish editing there and then since it has so many features, but I prefer to rely on other apps for more edits.

Once you’re done and are happy with the edits, Fotolr PS will allow you to transfer your pictures via WiFi directly to your PC. Just access the IP address given with your PC on the same network and pictures saved in your Fotolr PS album can be taken from there directly.

PhotoWonder – PhotoWonder is similar to Fotolr PS when it comes to “beauty” edits – you can liquify or “slim” yourself down, give yourself larger eyes, remove acne, better skin and whiten yourself but it is not as customizable as Fotolr PS. However, it does have additional decorative stamps and frames that can be quite interesting as well.

DECOPIC – This would be my favorite picture decorating app to date. It’s not the most sophisticated app that allows you to do loads of edit but it’s filled with quite a number of stamps and frames.

TurboCollage – If you have a thousand and one photos like myself and would like to print a few in one, Turbo Collage is a great collage app that does just that. Unlike other collage apps that put all the pictures in one template that allows you to arrange them, Turbo Collage can arrange them for you. That said, you can also use Fotolr PS to do your collaging needs.

WiFi Photo – And with all the editing done, you can transfer the images to your computer using a cable but I prefer using WiFi Photo. All you have to do is ensure you are connected to the same network as your phone and you will be given an IP address to access your entire photo library using your computer. You can download it too and it’ll be saved into a zip folder but of course, watch your bandwidth when you do so!

Trollolol – As the name suggests, it’s literally a troll app that gives you a whole list of troll faces (more if you are willing to pay for it). You can load Herp from le Library to add a trollface to your images or take picture of Derp with le Camera and the app will automatically detect faces and replace them with random troll faces.

BodySymbol Free – Just a fun camera app that allows you to take 12 pictures of you posing out a particular alphabet or symbol. It comes with guidelines for you to pose properly so say goodbye to editing pictures just to make them fit, you can do it all in one app.



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