Great news to Galaxy Note users in Malaysia, the much awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update is available. We’ve been testing it on our loaner Galaxy Note and we can say that update brings all the great features from Ice Cream Sandwich integrated almost seamlessly with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface.

At first use, the update goes almost unnoticed but as you dig deeper into the settings and the other features like multi-tasking and camera, the enhancements become more and more noticeable. We’ve gotten reports from some user saying that they’ve experience higher battery drain. We can say that during our testing, we didn’t experience any such issues. The Galaxy Note with Ice Cream Sandwich feels much improved over the Gingerbread version.

A number of you have also asked for a guide on how to get the Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy Note. We’ll try to produce a video for this but in the meantime, here’s a step-by-step guide. First of all, you need to know that the update is not available over the air (OTA). So unlike other devices, you will not be able to download the update directly onto your device via WiFi or 3G.

What you will need to do is install Kies – a software the allows you to manage the contents of your device using a computer – and update the Galaxy Note using the software. Samsung Kies (version 2.0) is available for download here.

Ok here’s what you need to do to update your Galaxy Note to Ice Cream Sandwich:

  1. Download and Install Samsung Kies on your computer. Do not connect your device while you’re installing Kies.
  2. Connect your device only after you have installed the software.
  3. After you have installed Kies, connect your device to your PC and activate the Kies application
  4. If this is your first time connecting your Galaxy Note to your PC, let the PC install all the necessary drivers
  5. Once all the drivers for your device has been installed, Kies should connect to your automatically
  6. Once your device is connected to Kies, the software should prompt you that there is an update available and will as to begin the update
  7. Click “Update” to begin the process. After that just follow the instructions on your screen and do not disconnect the Galaxy Note until update is complete. Kies will tell you when it’s safe to do so



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