Normally, wireless Internet is something that gamers always tried to avoid due reliability and latency issues. However, it seemed that Yes are quite confident with their quality of Internet services by agreeing to collaborate with local gaming service provider OffGamers for a special set of Yes 4G packages that are targeted for gamers.

Based on the Yes Super Postpaid plans, these packages will be making their debut at the upcoming Yes Techgaming League that is scheduled to take place at Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur this weekend. However, the packages looked quite confusing since they are a lot of details that are very unclear to us especially the numerous types of rebates that are listed under the packages.

While we have already submitted our queries to OffGamers representative for further clarifications, we are able to confirm that new subscribers of Yes Postpaid Packages as well as Yes Prepaid Card customers at the Yes Techgaming Festival might be able to go home with free SteelSeries gaming peripherals through lucky draws at the event.

To learn more about the new collaborative OffGamers - Yes Postpaid packages as well as further information on the Yes Techgaming League, head on to



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