With the success of the original Galaxy Note still following them well into the second quarter of 2012, Samsung is already preparing a successor to the popular phablet. Thanks to a rumor report out of MK Business News, we may now have an idea what could go into the device.

According to MK Business News, the Samsung Galaxy Note II will be improved in just about every way possible. Not only is the Note II rumored to include a quad-core processor, sturdier build, better battery life and Jelly Bean, it will also deploy a new screen technology known as unbreakable plane, or UBP.

Instead of using glass like with traditional OLED displays, UBP displays use a polymer film allowing for thinner and lighter components. UBP technology has also been called a, “precursor to the flexible display.” So while the Galaxy Note II may not feature a flexible OLED display, it will bring us one step closer.

If the latest rumors are right, you can look for the Galaxy Note II to launch sometime this October, going head-to-head with the Apple iPhone 5. In the meantime, we’ll still be keeping our eyes out for that elusive T-Mobile branded Note spotted in late April.



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