Maxis is offering discounted bundled pricing for port-in customers where the iPhone 4S & HTC One X is offered from as low as RM799 while the Samsung Galaxy Note & Nokia Lumia 900 from as low as RM599. The special pricing is tied with 24 months contract of Maxis Value Plus 50 postpaid voice plan + 1GB data plan that costs RM98/month (RM50 + RM48).

As comparison, the devices are normally offered at RM1,850 for the iPhone 4S, RM1,449 for the HTC One X & Samsung Galaxy Note and RM1,309 for the Nokia Lumia 900 on the similar postpaid + 1GB data subscription. This is a substantial savings of RM650-1051 off the usual bundle. The only turn off in this case is the hefty upfront advanced payment where Maxis is asking for RM1,500 for the iPhone 4S and RM1,000 for the other 3 smart phones. The advanced payment as usual be refunded into your next bill which is used to knock off your upcoming usage charges. For those getting the HTC One X, they are throwing in urbeats headphones worth RM599 for the first 3000 customers.

The offer is not just limited to MNP (Mobile Number Portability) customers porting in from other telcos but also valid for existing Maxis postpaid customers. The offer is valid until 20th August and while stocks last.

For more information, head over to Maxis.



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