Using a Samsung Galaxy S3? Or even a Galaxy S2? Well, here’s a piece of rather fantastic news to you, it looks like you might be given the Android Jelly Bean update as early as next month! According to SamMobile’s insiders, the Korean manufacturer is currently testing Android 4.1 for both Galaxy devices and while there are no official release dates, they believe that it could be around August or September.

No news about other devices though, but according to the insiders, Samsung is targeting on its high-end devices so if you’re a Galaxy Note user, your chances are quite high as well.

On other news, one the advantages of owning a Google device is to be one of the first to enjoy Google’s latest updates and if you’re a Nexus S user, the Jelly Bean update is now available, for selected carriers at least. If I’m not mistaken, GSM users do not have the update yet but if you loyal users are still using your almost 2-year old device, do check for an update and let us know.



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