You know how the Nokia 3310 has always been regarded as a brick that can be used as a hammer due to its size and of course, a very solid build? Well, the Nokia 3310 now has a contender and no, it’s not another 10 year old device, it’s the Oppo Finder, aka the world’s thinnest smartphone. Measuring at a mere 6.65mm thin, you would expect the device to be flimsy and fragile but it isn’t, instead, it could very well be your next hammer.

A video called “OPPO Finder screen hammer nail test” was recently uploaded and it demonstrated just how tough the device is. The phone was used as a hammer on not only the front, but also the back, side and corners. While the front was able to withstand the torture without a scratch, the rest got away with only minor scratches; the phone still worked perfectly well at the end. Unfortunately, all the guy in the video did was hammer the nail till the tip got through, I wonder if the phone will still be as tough when it’s been used to push the nail all the way through.



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