We’ve been seeing countless number of rumors regarding the new design of the 6th generation iPhone, but what will the inside be equipped with? New rumors confirms that the next iPhone will be getting double the amount of RAM on current models (from 512MB to 1GB), NFC connectivity and less important to us, 4G LTE connectivity.

According to sources from BGR, although the speculated launch date of the next iPhone is supposed to be around September to October, production has not started yet because it has to go through a series of testing first. It’s alleged to enter the “engineering verification tests” and once that’s done, there’ll be another “design verification test” before the production lines, so production hasn’t started and the company could only be using engineering samples.

On the other part of the world (or the other part of Apple’s HQ in Cupertino at least), it looks like the Chinese in China are really anticipating the next iPhone, so much so that they have already manufactured and are selling casing for the next iPhone based on the rumored designs we’ve seen so far. Available in China’s TVC-Mall.com, the casing sports a taller design to fit the 4” screen, and along the bottom there’ll be an earphone jack and a smaller dock connector.



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