A device with a 5.3-inch display may not be for everyone, but its hard to argue that the Galaxy Note was not a huge success for Samsung. With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 right around the corner, we’re seeing new details surface on a regular basis. The latest is a picture of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which shows off a white device with features that match up perfectly with a recently leaked image of the handset’s screen bezel.

As usual, we’re not willing to put a stake in the ground and declare that this is what the final Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will look like. A few people have already noted that the image looks flat, but that’s most likely explained away by the fact that we’re actually look at a picture of a picture rather than a picture of the Galaxy Note 2.

Either way, if you’re really interested in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you won’t have to wait too long to get a glimpse of its real design. Samsung is expected to unveil the phone at its Unpacked event on August 29th, in Berlin at IFA. That gives us roughly another two weeks of rumors to sort through.



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